True Local Experience

Welcome to the jewel of Thailand; the real Thailand that is not made up for tourists. Pa Sak Tong is located in the small Norther Thai village of Suan Doc that is full of all of the sights, sounds and culture that makes up Northern Thailand. You will encounter locals working in their rice fields, parents walking their kids to school, monks on their morning alms rounds and all of what makes up a living, working Thai village. Take a step back in time because time moves very slowly in this peaceful place. This is the Thailand of the Thais. There are no tourists, just real Thais living their day to day lives.

Walk out of the gates of Pa Sak Tong and you will encounter the warmth and friendliness that Northern Thais are famous for. A short walk down the roads and you will pass by working rice fields and tea plantations. Stroll to the local temple to hear the monks chant in the evening. Or just sit back and read a book in one of our relaxing salas while water buffalos graze nearby and life stands still.


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