Pa Sak Tong is very proud to have Locus Native Food Lab by Chef Kong -Kongwut Chaiwongkajorn joins with us to provide our guests with a very authentic and intimate northern Thai dining experience in a unique and natural setting.


Enjoy delicious, authentic Northern Thai cuisine, created from ancient recipes in a contemporary fashion


Get thrilled and be inspired by Chef Kong and his team’s innovative creativity as they serve you unique and innovated recipes. Locus Native Food Lab creates a new and memorable dining experience


Be a part of Locus Native Food Lab to support local businesses where every ingredient is from organic local farmers, fishermen, butchers

Locus Native Food Lab was established with the objective of preserving northern Thailand’s food and culture in a contemporary approach. The goal is not only to create a memorable experience for our customers but also give vital information about the history of the food served.

Chef Kong – Kongwut Chaiwongkajorn “We noticed that in every food that was based on seasons, has its own unique stories and characteristic. We tell these stories verbally and allow the food to communicate with you emotionally. We make sure that we know the origins of our food. We meet farmers and fisherman not only to get good products but getting the real inspiration from their work environment. We find that most of the time ancient tales have very interesting hidden messages and riddles for us to go out there and explore.”



Enhance your dining experience with Locus Native Food Lab where every dish has its own story. With limited seating for only a few guests, dining at Locus Native Food Lab is an intimate opportunity for guests to interact closely with Chef Kong while he explains the history and unique stories of the ingredients he serves.

We are thrilled that Chef Kong and Locus Native Food Lab will be moving to PA SAK TONG. It is very exciting to meld our two organizations together and continue to provide our guests with the best possible hospitality and food and beverage experience in Thailand. Chef Kong’s unique private dining experience works perfectly with the one-party guest policy of PA SAK TONG.

– John Dunbar –

Managing Director of PASAKTONG