Our guests typically dine on the expansive villa balcony, enjoying the breeze and panoramic views. But for special occasions — or just to shake things up — you’re welcome to select any of our dining venues for your meal.

Dining Villa

Set inside the bend of the river, the Dining Villa offers a private and serene location for lunch or dinner. Enjoy a quiet drink next to the cosy bar and fireplace, then move to the dining area for an exceptional gourmet meal with a spectacular view of the Doi Chang mountain in the distance.

Main Villa

With seating for 10, the Main Villa on the ground floor of Khum Sak Tong Villa is ideal for larger parties to share meals together. This vast space offers beautiful vistas on all sides, and is perfectly positioned between rice fields and large lotus ponds.

Relaxing Salas

Pa Sak Tong Estate has a variety of *salas*, or Thai pavilions, that are well-suited for elegant outdoor lunches, casual snacks next a koi pond of prized fish, or conversations over wine beside a tiki-lit rice field.

Traditional Northern Thai Dance & Music Dinner

Top artists perform traditional northern Thai song and dance while you dine. Khun Chida sings and plays the *saaw*, a Thai bowed string instrument, while Khun Beer hypnotises with dances that have been passed down for generations. The combination of the gentle sounds, exotic instruments and flowing movements is unforgettable.

"Nothing can compare to the quality of service, food and overall Thai experience we enjoyed at Pa Sak Tong."

Philipp Daniels
Our talented team is ready to help you plan a dream getaway in Chiang Rai, Thailand.