A short drive north of Chiang Mai, Doi Tung Mountain region offers can’t-miss experiences unique to Thailand, including:

  • Doi Tung Development Project and Cottage Industry Centre, a very successful non-profit organisation started by the Princess Mother to aid the local hill tribes in replacing their opium-based economy with pottery, natural fabrics, coffee and mulberry paper.
  • Mae Fah Luang Gardens and Palace, also known as the ‘Switzerland of Thailand’, located amidst lush tropical forests near the top of the beautiful Doi Tung mountain range.
  • Doi Tung Royal Villa where the Princess Mother lived while she worked with the region’s hill tribes. The Villa, built from recycled shipping containers, boasts spectacular views.
  • A scenic drive to another nearby mountain range passes through several hill tribe villages on the way to visit an Akha hill tribe orphanage. This is a rare opportunity to interact with these amazing children and learn about their lives. Pa Sak Tong is a proud supporter of this special group of children who look forward to exchanging cultural experiences with guests.

"It is not just a resort, it is a world of its own."

James Singlet
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